I want my sculptures to be alive and full of grace and movement. This is partly achieved by the freshness of process inherent in the work and also by their fragile appearance or daring centre of gravity. I want my sculpture to suspend a moment in time and encapsulate that energy. They can work on an allegorical level and perhaps on a more personal one to do with the relationship between things, uncertainty of travel or conflict of making decisions. Pieces represent the fragility of change or something at a point of departure and perhaps express a little bit about the tenuous nature of our environment as it stands at this moment. My work may be figurative or more abstracted but the qualities remain the same. I work in a range of materials and often with metal directly, but sometimes from wax and other things which are later cast into bronze.

Bridget and Norman was selected by The Society of Portrait Sculptors in 2004 for their 40th exhibition, The Gallery, Cork Street, London Bronze 2006

I took the path less travelled by is formed from constructed and cast elements from beeswax and wire. It was exhibited at The RBS, Old Brompton Road, London in 2005.

States of Energy and Paths of Desire have been inspired by larger installation pieces but unlike these ones have been made permanent by being cast into bronze.

How now brown cow?

I am a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and in 2008 I was asked to give a presentation of my work to 100 guests on Steel as part of 18@108 as well as exhibit work there.

In 2004, I spent two weeks on a sculpture residency at Crear Argyll working with other sculptors from around the world.

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