I draw like I make sculpture using various mark making techniques with pencil, pens, inks, crayons, torn or cut pieces of paper. I combine these ingredients in layers or structures, building up and adding, taking away or scratching out until the image feels right. I like to stick to a limited pallet and use colour from bits of paper as well as paint or a coloured crayon. Sometimes drawings are very fast capturing the energy of the thing happening before me and sometimes they are worked on in my studio giving a different dimension and a build up of many interacting layers.

I also like observational sketching subjects with allegorical movement such as a building in disrepair or being constructed, working docks or railway stations - that are in between a point of departure or arrival. I enjoy the pressure of attempting to draw a moving subject such as landscape in the wind, cows grazing in a field, musicians who are themselves creating a piece of music before my eyes, children bouncing on the trampoline.

Rehearsals of the South Bank Sinfonia at Crear

Rehearsals of the South Bank Sinfonia at Crear is from an artist residency at Crear, Argyll in 2004 where I was privileged to join them at their rehearsals.

Engine house and Piano Lesson are taken from a body of work I have been making for the last twelve years. They are based on the experience of drawing the musicians both during practise and in their lessons of the master class seminars of the IMS at Prussia Cove in Cornwall.

I have run a variety of workshops concerning drawing for both adults and children from places such as Newlyn Art Gallery to Penair School at Trelissick Gardens.

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