"When you commission a work such as these light pieces, you want the artist to be receptive and open to your ideas, decisive and precise about scale, meticulous about functionality to the point of seeking out specialist technical assistance and hands on with the logistical challenges of installation. All this, in addition to being able to create something that exceeds your expectation and delights you every day! Nicola is all these things and her pieces have transformed the rooms they were made for." Client, Holland Park, London

Over the last two years I have been commissioned to make three related ceiling installation lighting pieces for the drawing room and dining room of a large private house in London. I worked with my client and her interior designer, Lyn Le Grice and together we shared ideas about the requirements both practical and atmospheric. I made scale models, maquettes and drawings to aid us all with this vision. While I was to make a functional object, it was agreed that I should stick to my sculptural integrity which was reflected by the use of material, process of working and overall composition. The pieces were primarily made from copper and paper but, at the client and interior designer's request, also included alabaster and antique mirror sourced from the same place as other related objects in the room. My willingness to experiment with their ideas enabled me to establish a new relationship and repertoire with new materials.

Drawing room shot with constructions Drawing room shot with constructions

Flight consists of two sister pieces both extending from the Regency ceiling roses in the drawing room. It uses the imagery of swallows swooping around the room and the lamps on the extensions light the room and the sculpture accordingly. Each piece has 15 lamp fittings and 10 swallows. They measure approx 3m x 4m x 1m.

Reflect is a daring balancing form of apparent twig like branches held loosely in spiral bundles. It uses a variety of textures formed with copper and plates of antique mirror to exacerbate the effect of the LED lights which emanate from within the tubes. It measures approx 4m x 1.5m x 1m.

I have worked on a number of commissions ranging from a series of large scale relief sculptures for The National Maritime Museum Cornwall to free standing open air sculptures for the Eden Project. I have also made private commissions for clients in the public and private sector, both inside and outside.

For more information of the process of commissioning please contact me.

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